• Boats on the Lake Leman - color print with border in white frame

      Boats on the Lake Leman


      Boats on the Lake Leman, Lausanne.
      Color print made by professional print lab on fine art matte paper.

      Photo by Alyaksandr ‘elvistudio’ Stzhalkouski.

    • Morning on Tamula Lake Print in white frame with white border

      Morning on Tamula Lake


      This photograph is taken in the early morning on a beautiful lake called Tamula, located close to Võru town in southern Estonia.
      The tender pastel tones of this print make it a beautiful addition to your bedroom.
      Photo by Alyaksandr ‘elvistudio’ Stzhalkouski.

    • Fog on the Lake Leman black and white print in black frame with border

      Lausanne: Fog on the Lake Leman


      In clear weather, you could see France on the opposite side of the lake and the famous spa-town Évian-les-Bains, but when the fog is down one can see only the fog.
      Black and white photograph took on 6×6 film printed in a professional photo studio in Tallinn on high-quality matte paper.

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